Glow Skin Components?

I was checking out all the fun skins people have made in the last few months in Skin Sharing and noticed there are a lot with glowing components.

I tried to find how this is done and can see there is an option in 1.5 to make the lines have an internal glow but not an outer glow.

Could someone point me in the right direction on how to do this please? I’m going around in circles in the Skin editor area.



Screenshot 2023-03-09 at 06.48.43
Don’t know what you mean with inner and outer glow as there is only one glow paramater. It’s the third paramater box to the right. Make sure that has a value higher than 1.0

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Thanks for the answer and info.

The editor seems to have changed a lot since I last used it. I can’t quite understand the naming convention like I could before. I guess I’ll need some practice to work it out.

There seems to be an outer glow and an inner glow or a glow within the line spacing like in this skin example:

I’ve worked out what wasn’t working.

I wasn’t dragging the created colour to the item I wanted to glow.

Here’s the order of change as far as I can tell.