Global MPE lock please

Bit annoying to have to change to enable MPE every time I change a preset - in most plugins this is a global option - please enable this


Yep, that would be great…

@s.wey If I understand, you’re referring to scrolling thru presets but keep MPE selected…

I kind of prefer to have it like it is now, until a better way.

As of 1.0.5


+1 from me too. Both Surge and Plasmoniic handle MPE globally. Which makes sense to me, because my controller does not sense and adapt to the selected synth patch, it’s always in MPE mode. If I scroll through patches I get weird pitch glitches until I leave the patch browser and enable MPE again. This gets old fast.

If MPE must be saved per patch (which I honestly don’t see the point of, esp. since I’ve not found a way to search by MPE-enabled-ness), I think it would still make sense to move the button so it’s still visible from the patch browser. But a global override would be so much more convenient.