Getting best audio quality from Vital?

Greetings Vitalists, :slight_smile:

Do the higher CPU settings or Hi-Res wave tables yield improved audio quality? I’ve tried the settings, but perhaps am missing what I should be listening for.

I know basic Vital operations. The excellent tutorials many have posted have been helpful with that, but I’m wondering about opinions as to obtaining the very best sound quality from the instrument.

Thanks for any thoughts or tips.

You’ll only hear a difference in the quality if you’re using certain features. If you’re using:

  • a wave distortion (second knob on the oscs)
  • a filter with high resonance or lots of drive
  • distortion
  • any audio rate modulation (e.g. keytracked LFO to filter cutoff)

The higher oversampling rates will give you better quality. The 1x to 2x will be the biggest changes and will get less noticeable above there.

High res osc mode is supposed to let you be between wavetable frames for really slow morphing sounds (e.g. at 0.5 will blend between frame 0 and 1 instead of snapping to one). It’s actually not hooked up right now though so you won’t hear any change by enabling it. A little embarrassing to have a button that does nothing, but it’s a really subtle feature and didn’t want to change the layout later so the button is there for a future update.