Gain knob before or after filter (for easy tremolo and volume modulation)

It would be awesome to have a knob which controls the volume of all OSC already mixed together. A filter input gain for example. Or a post filter gain. With that it’s easier to add a tremolo effect or draw complex envelope curves in a LFO for amp control. A post filter gain would also work but I think with an pre gain we can use make use of the filter drive so I think a pre filter gain would be better.

I know I can map every OSC level to a macro and modulate this macro knob. But it’s not optimal because with every level being different it’s a hassle to configure the macro so it goes from no audio to the desired level. Also mixing the osc after setup brings a lot of tweaking.

Maybe you could add a knob and with right click option were we can change it to pre- or post filter mode.


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but my request is not a gain knob in the effect section, but before the filter so we make use of the filter distorion. if you are able to add a tremolo for examample pre filter, the sound will not only change in volume but also the amount of filter distortion.

but the other request is nice as well. because of that i suggested a gain knob which you can set to pre or post filter :slight_smile:

You can do tremolo / volume automation in two ways. Both revolve around Global values in the MATRIX assignments.

Assign a Macro knob or any modulator type (or a DAW automation lane) to one of the following two DESTINATION values in the MATRIX:

  • Global > Volume affects the master output volume (the slider underneath the top stereo output meter)
  • Global > Voice Amplitude literally increases the volume of ALL voices in the synth.

Of the two Voice Amplitude can be far more drastic, especially if you are playing chords.

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Thanks a lot Baphometrix, I did miss the global values in the matrix. This is really nice!

It would be nice to have a knob for Voice Amplidute on the front panel of the synth.