Chorus Fx produces noise and crackles

I have encountered that with low loudness wavetables and enabled chorus there are noises and crackles audible. If I switch the chorus off its gone.

Perhaps, a gain staging issue.
If you use 16 chorus voices, it can effectively saturate. ( it’s a lot of voices )
Try lowering you oscillators gain and increase it after the chorus.

The signal processing feels a bit weird right now throughout the synth. There have been a few times where I’ve got soft distortion from seemingly nowhere, and it turned out to be issues with the gain in the oscillators.

All my analog synth react the same, if I push to loud my osc, the others modules saturate.
My sweet spot with Vital oscillator, is at 11 o clock. 0.2 approximately.
If I use more osc, it can be less. But it depends about the sound you want.
The filter,in the effects sections can saturate quickly, it’s not a bad thing. If often use it after it,because it tame the signal a lot( depending on the settings)

That’s really strange !
Mr Tytel should have a look to the quality of effects and filters and the quality of the signal pathes before adding any new features, even if there are some very good and important feature requests.

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Yeah, this thread sums it up

My request since day one was gain per voices after filters.