FX Send buses in Vital

Vial is already an incredible MONSTER synth but…
Surge synth has capability to switch FX off globally, which is really handy when browsing through loads of presets!
Also, if each oscillator in Vital could be routed to a send bus that could be modulated???

Example: I might want to have more delay/reverb on one oscillator than the others and want to modulate the SEND (not MIX) control so that the delay repeats can remain whilst new notes are not triggering repeats.
To be fair to Matt, these update goodies could be reserved for the Pro version so he can afford a decent holiday ( if he’s allowed under New world Order restrictions?!?!?! ) or have more time to relax in his private pool???

Of course, it is appreciated that VItal already has the option of outputting oscillators independently to either filter or both, to FX or direct to the outputs, which begs the question…
Could a future update provide separate outputs for VItal???

At the end of the day, we can always do all this in any decent DAW by simply having multiple instances of any synth, but hey we are the synth geeks who just can’t get enough!!!

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