Funny LFOs? How you can "draw" geometric shapes

First of all - Don’t take this post to serious …

I have shown in a previous post (as well as another user, sorry, forgot your name , mate) that the LFO file is actually a text file which contains a set of x,y coordinate pairs which are the LFO points.
The funny thing - Manipulating the file by hand you can choose to go “backwards” with the x coordiante…
So usually if you have two LFO point a and b which go from left to right in the GUI window, then b’s x-coordinate is bigger than a’s.
But you can manipulate it … giving this shape for instance

Check out the LFO file (PLEASE: 1. Rename to “.vitallfo” and 2. put into Vital\User\LFOs) : ExampleLFO 3.vital (178 Bytes)

Don’t ask me what to do with it … I’m just having fun nerding a bit and looking into the “matrix”. Maybe Patch Creators can put their Signature into one of the LFOs :wink: You have 99 points to do so.


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