Functions -- Note, Velocity, etc. tips, usage?

I feel I need to better understand the use of the functions in the block on the lower right of Vital.

I understand the basics of what’s there, but would appreciate any suggestions for using them. If you know a video that’s covered these, toss me a link or channel. I’m not yet working with any MEP as yet controllers so don’t need that, maybe others do.


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Note, changes based off of the note played over the entirety of the keyboard

  • You could use it for things like filters when you want to cut off higher frequencies the lower you get

Velocity, changes based off of how hard you hit the note

  • Attach it to unison detune, so the harder you hit a note, the more out of tune it is

I’m not too sure what lift does, but I think it plays during the sustain tail?

  • Add a distortion effect that increases as the note ends.

Octave Note, changes based on what note you play from 1 octave

  • Useful for making drum kits in vital

Random, gives a random value every keypress

  • Good for adding randomness to your patch

Hope this helps :slight_smile:


Lift is release velocity. Some controllers send this… Basically how fast are you lifting the key

There is also pressure/after touch which let’s you modulate the sound by changing pressure on the keys after a note is played (on supported controllers)


Thanks, very helpful. I’ve started using some of these after seeing them in other presets.