Fun way to make sounds - Image to Sound

this idea is to convert Image(such as .png .jpg) to sound in Various ways.
one way i can imagine is:
taking one pixel and converting it to pure sinewave the pitch will determined by color of the pixel and volume is determined by the pixel brightness(or alpha(maybe chooseable in settings?)). this has a slider option to whether takes just one pixel or takes bunch(how far pixel around is determined by slider) of pixels around the pixel and average it to convert to sound it’s like blur. you can set contrast, hue, brightness before importing image. and it also has option to how many sounds played together, if sound does not played together. it will convert to next frame in wavetable.
here is crappy representation for further explanation

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Would be very cool! FL’s Harmor does this by converting images to black and white. The Y axis is frequency and the whiter the pixel, the louder that frequency is.


Is it avaliable in free version ?

Nice idea :smiley: