Frequency Shifter FX

Frequency Shifter (not Pitch shifter !) si a very specific and crazy useful FX when it comes to sounddesign, for making bell unharmonic sound or making small stone pedal style fx. Saldy, most of the synth with high modulation possibilities don’t have it on their FX rack (I think only falcon has it) an I think it’s a pitty … having it on the vital rack would be killer !


yeah. I love some Freq.Shifting as well. Quite a fan of the multiband variant of Melda. Use that one quite a lot. Would be cool to have such an effect in Vital as well for all the modulation options.
With a nice keytracking function for instance

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Frequency Shifting per Oscillator would be really dope. Especially with all the routing options you have in vital

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Nice feature request!