Frequency offset in Hz?

Is there any way how to offset OSC freq in Hz? Just like in FM8.

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Surprisingly, you sort of can but it’s not clean. (This advice is sort of wrong XD)

How to not Freq Offset but almost XD -

  • 1: Set the Oscillator transpose to -48
  • 2: Set a Macro to the the transpose.

The Macro will now be the Freq Offset, and it will scan through all the frequencies and not just through individual transpose semitones.

How to Sorta Read Hz -

However you won’t be able to see the exact Hz readings. You can sorta try to though by

  • 1: Go to Advanced and set the Frequency Units to Hz in display (Refresh Vital)
  • 2: Set your Oscillator to a sine wave
  • 3: Go to Effects and enable EQ
  • 4: Play a note and match the Hz using the EQ Cutoff

(A better way to read Hz would be by opening up an external Tuner and reading the Hz reading there)

How to Sorta Find Freq Offset Hz -

The Hz of the Freq Offset though will be
Freq Offset Hz = The amount of Hz you offsetted - The Hz of the Original Note


There’s not a clean way of doing this in Vital but this is the best solution I came up so far XD, I hope this helps a little!

Thank you for your reply, but I guess it’s not what I actually need.
For example, we can set the A5 note not to 440 Hz, but to 450 Hz. The offset is 10 Hz but it’s just for A5. When we hit the A6 the frequency will be multiplied by 2 and become 900 Hz, which means 20 Hz offset relatively to initial 880 Hz. That’s how your way actually works.
But what I need is a constant offset, e.g. 450 Hz on A5, 890 Hz on A6, 1770 Hz on A7 and so on. Do you have any thoughts about how to do this?

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I don’t know many Synths that can do this. Actually the only Synth I know is Bitwigs Polymer.
It has a frequency offset where you can even set it to “+/-” mode which means left side + x and right side - x Hz. All other synths I know only allow for relative pitch deltas, which as you said increase in absolute value if you go in to higher note range.

AHhhhhhh you’re definitely right and I didn’t catch that! Hmmm I’m not really sure then, I’ve been using Vital for a while and I can’t recall finding a way to actually Freq Offset properly sadly. I’ve seen some Synths like Sytrus that have that feature but I don’t think Vital has that feature yet, but I’ll try and let you know if I can find a way to actually Freq Offset in the future!

I’ve never explored alternative tunings myself, but I know Vital supports them. Is this an option for you? looks useful

i think the OP rather wants to have a constant beating across multiple oscillators, a very useful feature for FM sounds. preenfm2 and 3 also have that option.

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I see - so not a global retuning - just for individual oscillators?

That is what I assumed, since he mentioned FM8 and it is a useful feature for FM but also for detuning of oscillators in general. I think an option to just choose the behaviour of the current detune would be perfect, a switch per oscillator, either detune by a fix hz amount or relative to pitch


Interesting - thanks.