Free Wavetables: 128 Wavetables (Serum format) plus single-cycle waveforms, from a huge forthcoming collection

I recently added more than 5000 new wavetables based on formant synthesis to the full KRC Mathwaves collection. While I was doing that, I took the opportunity to make yet another small collection of 24 FREE wavetables available in the KRC Mathwaves sampler.

You can get them by visiting Free Wavetables for Korg modwave, Serum, Vital, Surge, Bitwig and other wavetable synths plus single-cycle waveforms.

A (very) quick preview of what you can do with the formant wavetables is available in my most recent YouTube video here:

The 24 new wavetables I’ve added to the free wavetables sampler are just a TINY taste of my most recent wavetable developments, including FFT, convolutional, formant, and basic wavetable categories.

As always, you can get the full version of the KRC Mathwaves wavetable collection here.

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Hey there! KRC Mathwaves continues to grow and here’s my latest video about the latest additions to this massive wavetable collection. I’ve recently added several thousand new wavetables covering “Basic Mix” (combinations of the basic subtractive synthesis waveforms), vocal/formant wavetables (handy for dubstep, color bass, and other “bass music” styles, as well as many other applications), and vocal-ish wavetables created with the “VOSIM” (VOcal SIMulator) technique from the 70s. I’m sure you know this, but there’s both a free wavetables version (a couple hundred wavetables) and a commercial version of the KRC Mathwaves wavetables (way over 140,000 wavetables). Here’s the video:

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A couple of my recent videos have focused on non-wavetable applications of KRC Mathwaves, but my latest is back on a wavetable tip and also gives an overview of a great set of “free” plugins that Vital users will likely be interested in. Check it out, like, and subscribe for MOAR talky synth content!:

Hey there! :wave: My latest video covers another 700+ wavetables in KRC Mathwaves, based on an idea about “splitting” waveforms. Also, I cover a great new DISCO sample library, and another cool free plugin in Airwindows Consilidated Check it out!

New “Split” Wavetables, Soundpaint Disco Strings, and a Crunchy Reverb!


I wanted to like zebralette over the years, but the syntesis method is so unique and novel that it’s distracting, according to my opinion. also if i can get a synth to sound the way i expect it to while tweaking settings, i tend to give up on it. As the man in the video says “ain’t got time for that”

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It’s been a while since I’ve checked in on the latest version of Zebralette 3, so I’m not sure how the latest import options, etc., have changed. It is interesting to have a play around with it, and it is free. So there’s that. But I haven’t found myself reaching for it. I think the full version of Zebra 3 will be interesting (and possibly great), but likely very CPU intensive! And thanks for watching!