Free version of Vital allowed to be used commercial?

I know the EULA says it kinda

“The provided SOFTWARE PRODUCTS can be used for commercial or non-commercial music and audio productions without the prior permission from VITAL AUDIO. All VITAL AUDIO software may be used to create samples for commercial products such as sample packs and sound libraries.”

but does “SOFTWARE PRODUCTS” mean really all versions ? (Subscription, Basic (Free), Plus & Pro) ?

So i can use the free version for releases on spotify, labels etc without any problems?

Thanks for the help in advance :wink:

vital can load third party samples, so i imagine if you make music that has a sample like that in it, then maybe you’ll have problems. but i think that’s outside the scope of Vital.

so it depends on what you mean by use.

using the factory presets for creating commercial music using the free version of vital, that what i want to be sure about :wink:

Yep, as the EULA states you are good to go with any factory presets and any version of Vital. and anything you create, of course.