Free Version, 1.03 Mac OSX: No Factory Presets, Wavetables

I do not see a way to download content - the only thing on my account page is the installer file. Vital folder on my computer just contains an empty User folder. What am I missing?

what macosx?
The “content” auto starts download; did you try with standalone version?
Internet connection available? Firewall?

This did not work last night but when I opened the standalone version this morning it did load the factory content (and crashed my computer…which restarted fine.)

Perhaps there was a temporary connection issue on my end or the server. In either case, waiting a day solved it.

Now on to exploring :slight_smile:

How did you get those presets? I don’t see any after installing 1.0.3. Thanks!

Looks like it needs you to confirm e-mail address, then auto-updates when you open the app.

Well, for me I had to do that and wait a day. Now if I could just stop the standalone version from crashing constantly…