Free Synthwave Presets for Vital

Hey, dear fellow Vital users,
I’ve made a bunch of synthwave presets. Here are 3 pads for free.
They are designed using 5 custom-built wavetables.
Hope you find them useful.

Watch the video here:
(a download link to the three vital presets as a .vitalbank is in the youtube description) :

Direct download (three single vital presets as .vital):

Unfortunately I wasn’t able to upload the three presets itself to this post because it is my first post… can anybody be so kind to attach them in a comment?
This would be wonderful, thanks! :slight_smile:

Warm regards,


Here you go. Thanks for sharing :slight_smile:
PD - Synthwave - Colored Past.vital (2.8 MB)
PD - Synthwave - Faded Jeans.vital (2.7 MB)
PD - Synthwave - Afterglow.vital (3.2 MB)

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