Free Synthwave Preset Pack

Hello everyone! I’ve made a free Synthwave pack for anyone that’s interested. This pack has 37 presets and they all have assigned macro knobs for you to mess around with. You can either import the bank using the VITALBANK File or copy and paste the preset folder into your Vital user folder.

This pack contains:
9 Basses
9 Leads
9 Keys/Plucks
10 Pads

You can download it off my website Here



You’ve got some really nice presets in there. I don’t make synthwave, but I’m sure I can make good use of quite a few of these sounds. Thanks for sharing!

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Thanks, I’m glad you were able to find some you like!

These are great! Thanks!

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its not available, anymore :c

Try this link:

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I fixed the link, my apologies.