Free Sound Libraries You Can Use With Vital

Hi Everyone,
I’m the founder of Free To Use Sounds and I travel around the world recording sounds. I just released a video about Vital using my own field recordings and I do have to say it blew me away.

This video isn’t necessarily a tutorial but rather a way to showcase how important field recordings are as “base” or “source” for any creative sound endeavor. I’ve been providing original sound recordings for sound designers, music makers, DJs, and many others to use for their projects.
I created a new page with all of my royalty free sound libraries that you can use with Vital to create complete new sounds.
I hope it helps and happy new year,


l’ idea è buona,non nuova, ma ti consiglio, se vuoi fare un salto di qualita’ di usare qualcosa di buono per registrare ,perchè il tuo registratore digitale fa un rumore di fondo notevole che non puoi presentare ad eventuali produzioni cinematografiche nemmeno a musicisti professionisti, a meno che usino software per eliminare noise e ronzii, ma che poi farebbero scadere di qualita’ l audio :wink: auguri e buoni viaggi

Hi Tosh! Are you referring to some kind of noise in the video because my ambience recordings are always recorded with high quality equipment?
Also don’t worry I have over 100000 downloads a month and one of the largest companies and well known sound designers using my recordings every single day without any complaints. Your comment really surprises me right now.

Hi Marcel,
Happy new year, best wishes!
It’s great to have you here.

I’m completely agree with you, Foley’s and other live recordings are working very with Vital.
I’m actually working on a new sound set based on my own live recording and Foley’s ( based on some DIY noise,spring&resonator machine).


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Happy new year and yes with Vital everything goes. It’s so fun to play around with.

See you around here :slight_smile:

Hey, thanks for everything you do! I was reading through your licensing page because I would like to use some sample in my own presets (which I usually distribute). Under “Virtual Instruments” it says “No original sounds”. Does this mean that I just can’t redistribute the sound in preset form, or do I need to do some audio editing to mix up the sample a bit to not match the original.

Thanks :slight_smile:


Same here :slight_smile:

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@snfk! Thank you so much for asking and you can of course use the original recordings and load them into the presets to create a new sounds.

That’s more for developers that want to create virtual instruments or Kontakt libraries using my original sounds.
I hope that helps? If not just let me know :slight_smile:


Credimi non è per fare il malefico a tutti i costi ma c’è un rumore che mi ricorda il 50hz dei trasformatori di corrente .Ok non mi preoccupo, sarò matto io :wink:

This is great thanks a million!