Free Sci-fi guns FX preset pack by Man from Space

Greetings, humans! Meet the Neural Decommissioner, the Quantum Force Field Emitter, the Energy Nailgun, the Hyperkinetic Slingshot and many other guns that have not been invented (yet).

This is a preset pack of Sci-fi guns FX for Vital Synth for you to tweak, twist, transform and use the way you like.

And it’s free as in “free beer”. And everybody loves free beer. Just download, unzip, open Vital and select “import Bank” in the main menu.


Here you can hear a bit of it: Upcoming Sci-fi guns preset soundbank for Vital - YouTube

And here you can get it: FREE Sci-Fi guns FX pack for Vital


That’s pretty rad! Very good sfx, 5/5☆. Thanks for sharing, it’ll probably also be a perfect starting point for making some long-ish transition sfx!

Absolutely! Go for it! thanks for listening.