Free presets and security

Hello and thanks for this great synth Vital. I have a question regarding security. Does anyone know if it is actually safe to use FREE Vital presets from the web? I see that Vital presets are json files and noticed that property “samples” and “wave_data” have values that look encrypted. What exactly do these parts do? Virus total usually shows that the files are safe, but just want to hear what other people think about this. Better safe than sorry :slight_smile:

JSON is just a data storage file format and is highly highly used elsewhere. The “samples” and “wave_data” store the audio file information for either the sampler or the wavetable (they’re just audio data). I don’t think you have to worry about the .vital files, they’re only used to retrieve values. But–of course–always exercise caution when downloading anything from the web.

Thanks for clarifying SlavaCat.