Free edm bass vitalbank [need feedback]

hi! i’m trying to learn sound design and i finished my first “collection” of basses, i would love to get some feedback on them!
(also these are fully royalty free, do whatever you want with em)
i can’t upload so mediafire

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Nice job! I think you’re well on your way. You’re using a good amount of LFO modulation, form scale, vocode, filter resonance. The Bass Boost on the EQ fx definitely helps add more low end to bass presets when needed

Here’s a couple things

  • Just above the keyboard, you can change the “Voices” to 1 to make your basses Monophonic

  • Gain Staging: Try to have all of your Presets hit between -9 to -6db. Bass #3 hits at about -2db
    If it’s a Bass preset, play a Bassline on your keyboard. If it’s a Keys/Pluck preset play a melody to see what volume the preset gets to.

  • Macros: There is an empty box just below each of the Macros. You can click and drag to any knob/parameter to add a macro. Then click the pencil tool next to the Macro to rename it.

  • Try different filter types: click in the box above the filter where it says “Analog: 12db” to select other filters.

  • Practice sound design on different VST’s as well. This will help expand your knowledge and creativity.

  • Watch as many tutorials as you can: This one really helped me when I first started, he has other helpful videos on his channel too

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you’re a champ, thanks for the tips (and the tutorial, i’ll need it lmao)

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