[FREE] Cinematic Strings and Epic Low Brass for Vital

Hi there!

We’re a new small company that creates soundbanks for Vital, with a focus on cinematic sounds. We have some freebies available for you to check out. Right now, we’re busy working on a soundbank that will cover the entire orchestra. Stay tuned!

As new users, we are unable to add more links. However, you can find links in the video descriptions or by searching for Mintona Audio on Google. :wink:

Epic Low Brass

Cinematic Strings


Love what you have done here!


Yep, quite cool… a lot more than last time someone claimed to be making “cinematic orchestral sounds in Vital” and was actually playing Kontakt in the demos :smiley:

Here I downloaded the free demos, and they really seem like some nice synth programming work.

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Nice stuff, much better than other people’s more pretentious attempts;

I wonder, in the Epic Brass small patch, why is there a keytracked LFO modulating a phase very slightly but with a high smooth rate? I don’t quite get the point.

Also, if I may give some feedback, in a free demo pack, I think it is kinda crucial to clean your patches, in one there is rand2 modulating LFO2 frequency, but LFO2 is doing nothing… so I believe it must be a leftover of some previous version of the patch, I get it, it happens, but imho when a patch gets packaged for release, it should be cleaned of these; I appreciate how you bothered adding comments, descriptions and playing suggestions in the patches :slight_smile: I think it is kind of important, unless the patch kinda describes itself.

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Creating “realistic” sounds involves a lot of trial and error, experimenting with various techniques to achieve the desired result. Once I get close to the sound I like, I usually don’t make any changes to avoid breaking it. Additionally, since Vital doesn’t have a history feature, I often leave modulations disabled in case I want to make changes later. Our upcoming product, Analog Orchestra, includes over 50 orchestral instruments, which makes the process exponentially more complicated.

However, you’re right - this may be confusing for beginners or sound designers who are trying to understand the process. I will clean up the patches before they are released, and may even update the free ones with cleaned-up patches.

Thank you for your suggestion!



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