Free bank with 16 sounds & testers searched

DJG Demo Bank 1 unfinished Sounds.vitalbank (6.7 MB)

Right now I’m working on my first soundbank that I will probably sell for 1 or 2 $ and I’m looking for testers.
Since a lot of the sounds still being gain staged and macrofied, they aren’t final versions yet.
And since I only want the best sounds to be in it, I’m reaching out to anyone out here for testing, favouriting, citing, giving notes and suggestions on my sounds and wich one are good enough to be in my soundbank.

Ps the upper bank is just a small fraction of that bank and consists of “betasounds” and is completely free
#freesounds #free #testersseached


I just want to say “bravo” to you for gain staging and macro-ifying. I’m always disappointed by preset packs that blast into the red or that have no macros defined. I’ll be happy to test them out.

Thanks. I also got anoid by those packs, that didn’t do it. There will be probably not just 1 test phase but 2, so that especialy the gain staging part is good in every daw. So part 1 is mostly just the biggest part with the macro-ifying and sorting all sounds out that aren’t needed for it/aren’t favorites. I’ve sent you the bank in a message (please notice most of them are still in the demo state of not being macrofied and gainestaged/tagged)