Free Bank of mostly ambient seqences/arps

Hey guys

I only got Vital a few weeks ago and I’ve never really been one for creating my own sounds but with Vital it’s just so easy to come up with amazing stuff, often with just one or two oscillators. Loving it, and super proud of some of the sounds I’ve created most of which seem to be ambient type FX or Sequences/Arps.

Wanted to upload a Bank I’ve created but I’m too new to the forum to be allowed to upload. Bank can be found here:

I’m happy for somebody to upload it here if it’s easier :wink:


Nice! You cool with me adding it to the Free Preset Sharing project?

Sure, sharing is caring. :grinning:

Just tried your bank Strepp7. Very good and professional-sounding. I starred most of the presets.

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Thanks for the amazing feedback!