FR: new object in mod matrix: Envelope follower/VCA

Maybe vital needs some envelope following or VCA sends, (pardon the lack of precision) but how could that be achieved?. maybe this can be achieved by the addition of a custom object in the mod matrix. That container/thingy can have different methods in it such as an envelope follower with threshold and ADSR, this matrix object can also be used to pipe in audio from outside of vital. the output can be both audio or cv (bipolar/unipolar). and since the internal routing of vital is a lot of audio rate “CV” then it should mesh.

so, the idea is: a new mod matrix object that can receive any object in vital that has an audio or “CV” output (including main out) as well as emit the function or product of that multiplication problem to any modulation target in vital. as well as the ability to send a midi note out to trigger ENV1.

I think this is just as much a problem as a solution, but I think with VCA and ENV FOLLOW and MIDI event triggering, such a module addable to the mod matrix might be something fun.

it would be fine if this was a hidden easter egg


So it’s just a modulation source that converts audio to modulation from in and outside the synth?

a uni or bipolar cv or audio rate input module that can do envelope following, and then select where to send the value of that envelope follower after it, and a threshold that can fire a midi note internally.

but this “independent modulation module” can listen to anything in vital that makes a signal. again that signal can be slow like an LFO or fast like audio (fm) rate.

and since the internal signal flow is at sample rate (and even over sampled at some points) then it should just as easily be able to ‘pick’ the audio data stream at any point before, inside or even at the output of the entire synth.


input stage (target from anything that passes a uni or bipolar signal, including osc/samp/main out/main in)
envelope follower with threshold
output stage, the env follow “cv” is routable as any other modulation source
output amplitude control
output can be sent to stuff or selected as “Trigger Midi” at a note value that corresponds to amplitude, like on cv. I dunno, still rough.

or envelope follow can be ignored and just use the module to route audio to individual effects inputs or to any other point in vital including direct out.

the idea is to have a sort of all purpose audio signal routing container.
this is still a very rough idea, but it should look just like any other mod matrix rectangle.

this can remain a secret easter egg for nerds only, for use at own risk, etc.
maybe by clicking and dragging the vital logo to the mod matrix.

what’s gained is there can be audio level dynamics driven tweakage, via envelope following, and midi note generation. more internal/external routing capabilities. these things don’t be do by vital yet. (sic)

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I agree with the fact that this should be a more hidden feature due to it’s ability to create feedback loops within Vital (e.g. osc1 output controls osc1 volume; notes triggering notes triggering notes…)

This would be a very powerful and interesting feature and I would love to see it implemented–get level with phaseplant and all.

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at the very least it could be a non-obtrusive way to start piping in audio from whatever signal is in front of vital in the FX chain of the DAW in which Vital’s hosted, to use vital as FX without needing to make a “vital FX” version of the plugin.

and maybe there could be some sort of failsafe to prevent dangerous feedback, but still allow crazy feedback.

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