Forced to sign in -?

What on earth? I got a new laptop and installed Vital on it - and when I fired up my DAW, it forced me to log in. I’ve used a lot of plugins…I’ve never had to log into anything to use one.

I believe you are logging to receive updates to patches and to authenticate what option you purchased. There are limitations on the text to wavetable feature based on purchase option.

However, I’ve only needed to key my login details once. So if you need to login every time then something might be wrong. Try searching the forum with details of your operating system and daw.

There is a ‘work offline’ mode available at the login prompt (logout to see the option).

FWIW I have plenty of plugins that require login for licensing authentication - but I only need to login once.

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I’ve got a ton of plugins that require login after installing like ones from Plugin Alliance and Cherry Audio for example. It’s not that uncommon and I much prefer that to having to use a dongle or install malware like Pace iLok or Codemeter.