Flat Filter Graphics, Intermittant error

I’ll post a screen next time it shows up and I remember.

The filters go “flat” and the curve or shape is not shown. I don’t know what steps resulted in this yet, but will try to identify any and post a screen.

It seems the filters are still working, including the Mix, Drive, etc. but the graphic shows, more or less, a flat line across the middle of the filter display regardless of what filter is selected.

If I select a comb and push the Res. all the way up to it rings I can see tiny lines showing that the filter is “there” and I hear it working.

It may have been connected with changing Skins?

I’ll check further. Wondering if anyone else has observed this?

(Vital 1.0.8)

what’s your mix value at? setting is to 0 will produce a flat line:
image image

While I don’t think that was what was happening and did check that, I could be wrong here. I’m not trying to spam or troll the forum. I’ll be very careful and triple check that it wasn’t user error on my part.

Thanks for the post.

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A screenshot might help. could be a gpu related bug.

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Thanks. If it shows up again I’ll save a screen. It’s really a great synth. The more I learn to use it the more I like it. :slight_smile:

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After several sessions I’ve not seen this happen again, thus, I’m pretty sure it was my own error and not anything to do with Vital. Live and learn.

I don’t know if I’m able to delete this thread but it may certainly be deleted.

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Just marking as resolved for now unless it cones up again.

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