FL Studio Typing to keyboard loses focus when changing a parameter

I’ve encountered what I believe to be a bug in Vital.
I’m using the current release of FL Studio 20.9.2 Build 2963 and the current pro version of Vital 1.5.3

Here is what happens:
When I’m playing notes on my computer keyboard (Typing to keyboard) vital responds normally, but when I hold the mouse down to alter parameters, vital doesn’t let me input new keyboard notes. The issue also happens when I am not playing any notes and I click and hold down the mouse and move parameters in vital and then try to input notes, no sound is generated. It’s almost as if when using the mouse by clicking and holding, vital doesn’t accept any computer keyboard input. This doesn’t happen to any other 3rd party synth that I use, so I assume this must be vital?

I have already tried the common ‘fixes’ such as ‘keep focus’, using 32 or 64 bit versions in FL, as well as the keyboard icon on the top right of the wrapper, just left of the ‘presets’ toolbar.

Hopefully there is a fix out there or perhaps one in the works.

Vital is one of my favorite synths but it becomes frustrating to use it this way.

Thank you!

I believe I have resolved this issue on my end but NOT using the VST3 version but the VST version of the plugin. It now functions normally.

Hope this helps anyone with the same issue!

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