FL Studio Typing Keyboard Problem with Vital VST3

Hi, it has come to my attention that there is a problem with Vital’s VST3 version when using the typing keyboard in FL Studio. While running the VST2 version of the plugin, there doesn’t seem to be any problem. When running the VST3 version however, it seems to be impossible to play a new note using the typing keyboard while the mouse button is held down on the plugin interface. This is quite annoying as you may have imagined since this happens quite often as the mouse is often held down when tuning parameters. At first I thought it happened only while tweaking parameters but I tried just holding the mouse down on an empty area of the plugin and it still prevents me to play new notes. This behaviour doesn’t happen with the VST2 version. Indeed, it is possible to hold down the mouse on a knob and change the parameter all while triggering new notes using the typing keyboard. Fun fact also, using the ‘Allow the plugin to handle keystrokes before the host does’ button in FL’s wrapper in VST3 version completely removes the ability to use the typing keyboard whatsoever whereas in the VST2 version, the typing keyboard seems to work flawlessly whether this option is turned on or off.

This is happening in the latest version of both software.
Vital 1.07
FL Studio 20.8.4 [build 2576]

Also, I tried seeing if the issue happened also in other DAWs. I just quickly tested in reaper and from what I understand, neither the VST2 nor VST3 version allow new notes to be inputted using the typing keyboard while the mouse is held down. Even worse it seems since the note pressed before holding down the mouse just gets stuck as it seems no note off message is triggered.