FL Studio stops working when opening Vital

Hello everyone,

I’m having technical problems when trying to open Vital inside FL Studio. Basically, when I try to open it, it freezes the daw while trying to load, and the plugin wrapper keeps blinking on the left side of Vital’s GUI.

Here’s a screenshot of the problem.

I’m using FL Studio Version 20.7.3 on Windows 10.

Also, I should say that the standalone version is working all right as far as I can tell. Let me know if you need anymore information regarding this pesky little bug.

And one last thing: congratulations on the launch guys. I can only assume that you guys must be having a ton of work solving bugs like these, so know that your work is appreciated.

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I have got the same problem in FL Studio Version 20.7.2 on Windows 10.

Vital loads perfectly fine for me if I’m not replacing a native FL Studio plugin (in the channel rack).

I’m using a template where I pulled up tons of samplers, colored and named (like synth 1, synth 2 and so forth). And I usually replace the samplers with the plugin I want to pull up, so everything is in order right off the bat.

So, I noticed FL only freezes when I’m replacing the sampler with Vital. And it freezes with every other native FL plugin too. But if I replace for example Serum (so practically Fruity Wrapper), it works perfectly fine. And it also works if I just insert it into the channel rack, without replacing anything (so the problem is not that Fruity Wrapper doesn’t work with Vital).


Was trying to figure out for the life of me why Vital wasn’t loading up (because I’m already having a GUI issue where I can’t see the plugin right unless the main scaling is at 100%) and it turns out, that you’re right. I have a similar template, but I can’t replace a sampler with vital or the daw freezes. Any other plugin, works fine. Even at 125% scaling, which is where my GUI troubles come in, the plugin loads, it just still looks scrambled lol


Well, that’s interesting. I tested what nyonmusic said and it really only freezes when I try to replace a sampler in the channel rack with Vital (it opens fine if replacing other instruments or if being added as a brand new vst in the channel rack).

I guess I didn’t notice it because it’s so natural to me to just replace the samplers on placeholding duty in my template.

Also, now that I opened Vital inside FL Studio, I noticed that I can’t resize the GUI by dragging its borders, but that’s another bug altogether, so I’ll see if there’s another post about it.

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