FL Studio 21 - Velocity Settings in Piano Roll for Vital don´t work anymore

I urgently want to ask for a solution for this:

in the new image-line “FL Studio DAW 21” the piano roll I explored that velocity doesn’t react to some 3rd Party Plugins, one of this is Vital, :frowning: anymore. Most other 3rd Party Plug-Ins work fine with it.
For Vital Synth only changes from 0 or 100 is possible, nothing inbetween (you can adjust it but it has no influence, all apart from zero is like set to 100)), is possible.

I tested many times, even with a complete New project!! Same at your side? I hope there will be a solution. Best wishes, Jey

P.S.: OS: Win10 Pro - 64 Bit

FL Studio 21’s Piano Roll velocity works with Vital 1.5.5 here. Make sure the Vital Patch you’re using has velocity assigned.

Start with the INIT patch then set Vital’s Velocity Tracking (Vel Trk) to 100%. Then in FL’s Piano Roll put in a few notes and give them different velocity values from 25-50-75-100% and you should be able to clearly hear that velocity is working.

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many thanks, that´s the way it works. I didn´t thought to loook after that because it worked in my FL - version before. I´m not sure, perhaps in my last project I did turn the velocity knob and forget about that, but no matter what it was, thanks a lot!!

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