FL studio 20.7 gui size too big bug

there 's a bug in fl studio 20.7 where the gui is too big, my laptop resolution is 1600x900. thx love you guys.

You can resize the GUI. Just make it smaller


Yeah as others say you can resize it by clicking on the logo. In some DAWs it’s hard to get all the display data (resolution, scaling, etc) to pick a good default size. FL studio is one of those DAWs but maybe there’s some other way to get better data that I haven’t found.

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ok thx but problem need to be solve who know if someone uses a bigger screen

There is no problem using Vital on larger screens. That’s why there are size choices from 50% to 400%. So nothing to “solve”. :wink:


I think he means that it would be nice of vital to detect the maximum size on it’s own at an initial launch.

How many other plugins do that ?

Even on my old laptop which runs at a resolution of 1366x768 Vital loads at a usable size in FL Studio. Vital works on all my systems some better at 100% some at 135%

I think he’s using some scaling settings in FL Studio.

A couple, i think. Surge for sure. RC20 as well.

Notice no one else has reported this same issue ? With the Vital GUI being too big in FL Studio ? I’ve seen reports of it not opening or the plugin not working but no others so far that say it’s too big. Like I said on my laptop at a lower resolution it loaded at a perfect size. That leads me to believe he’s doing some non-standard scaling in FL Studio which has been the cause for some of the other problems.


But anyway once you choose the size you want it’s remembered.

Yeah. I have no issues with it either.

still gives me that problem and my settings are at default

Did you actually try to change the size of Vital’s GUI ?

Vital loads just fine here in FL Studio even on my laptop which has a smaller resolution than yours.

There is an update to FL Studio 20.8 try that.