FIX! Vital loads into white window

I have FINALLY figured out why some applications (including Vital) fail to load and just shows a white window, in my case it only happened when running dual monitor.

I’m using a gaming computer for my productions, my motherboard is a high end ASUS ROG card. With it comes some tools that messes with the GPU and sound system in the OS, this is called sonic suite. This consists of two apps, sonic studio and sonic radar. The sonic radar applications rely on some really shady methods to “enhance” game audio and present extra information on where sounds are coming from. This is something I didn’t use or even know was installed with the drivers for the motherboard sound card.

Anyway, on to the solution. I opened the service manager (running services.msc is one way), and set “nahimic service” to disabled. Then I also uninstalled “sonic studio” and “sonic radar”, not sure if that’s strictly necessary, but if you don’t use them you have no real reason to keep them anyway. Then I rebooted my system.

After doing these steps, all software I’ve had issues with loading on dual screen loads up flawlessly.

If you know other solutions that has worked to fix a white window issue, feel free to add it in this thread. It will make it easier for people to find it if they run into this problem.