Five Features Vital Needs

Greetings! It is only because I use this synth so much that I recognize these features that I feel are missing. Hopefully these suggestions are helpful and I hope at least the Key Bindings section could be added. I love Vital and I only want to see it get better!

Key Bindings:
(1) A better way to delete multiple presets.
When sorting through large quantities of presets, the ability to quickly delete the uninteresting ones would be amazing. Something as simple as pressing the Delete key, then press Enter to confirm would save a lot of time

(2) Scroll through presets using up/down arrow keys.
This would save a lot of time. To simply have one hand on the arrow keys and one hand on my midi keyboard would be amazing. The use of a mouse means I must look up and move the cursor, then click on the desired preset. That may not sound like much work, but it’s enough to make me wish I could use the keys.

The Preset Menu:
(1) Add a “Style” tag to a preset easily from the preset menu.
I’m not sure if this would be easy from a programming standpoint. But to add or change the Style tag from a right click in the preset menu would be very helpful. Currently if I wanted to change or add a style tag, I must load the preset and save it with a tag selected.

(2) Checkbox feature
I put this one second to last because I understand it would take a decent amount of coding to get this working properly. My idea is that all presets have a check box next to them. (This would be similar to the Favorite/Star button) After selecting one or multiple presets using the checkbox, options appear at the top. An example of those options could be buttons like Delete, Add to Folder, Export to Vitalbank, and Add Style Tag.

(3) Better organization
Easier management of Folders from the bottom left menu would greatly help keep presets organized.

Option A:
Options such as Create new folder, Delete folder, and Rename folder would appear above the bottom left navigation window. These options would correspond to actual file folders being created and deleted, similarly to how Ableton allows you to edit and create folders.

Option B:
Probably a more simple option that would involve less coding would be something like a Groups feature. This would use the same tagging method as the Styles or Favorites tag. This would allow users to select multiple presets using the checkbox feature or a right click, and add to a group. These groups could be renamed and could either be selected like the Bass, Lead, Keys, (etc.) buttons, or it could be shown in the bottom left folder selector.


The (2) scrolling with arrow keys is working - i do so while the preset list is open

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It seems a bit touchy, though. It loses focus fairly easily, so I find that often my keystroke is not registered unless I go back and click once in the window.

Also, scrolling doesn’t work right if you arrow down past the last visible item in the list.


I agree that preset management would be fantastic. The sheer number of presets out there makes it tricky to organize them. And given the size on disk of a preset, bulk cleanup or relocation would be a good thing.

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Arturia does this in their products and it saves a ton of time, I’m in support


Would be good to have more tags to choose. There is no “Brass”, “Arp”, “Bell”, etc…
In my opinion the Browser is one of the most important things in a VST.

  1. Feature Vital needs:

Single trigger in Poly-Mode for envelopes and LFOs.
Sometimes also called “Global Trigger”.
It’s for example in Harmor and U-He synths.

I think adding a drop down menu in the voice section of Vital to select presets would be more beneficial for

workflow aspects. Vital can keep the current preset selection screen, but give users the option by including a

35%20PM next to the preset name in the drop down menu to reach our current preset selection screen instead of

automatically sending users to it.

I also think possibly adding an option to refresh the library would be nice

the basics:
(0) Set as Init
Probably everybody turns down the phase randomization and the resonance on Filter1 and then click a few times to pull up “basic shapes” on Osc 1. I’m talking about the ability to create your own init patch.

In my opinion the sound is the most important thing in any synth and the browser the least important.

None of these “features” in this thread add anything to the quality or range of sounds Vital can make. They are simply features of convenience that would take precious development time away from expanding Vital as a musical instrument.

Take #1 above “Key Bindings”. All you have to do is right click on a preset and select “Open File Location” and you can handle files from there or simply right click and delete as many presets as you want. :+1:

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