Filtertype Editor

I consider the Feature Request Forum as a play ground to suggest things I might consider useful in a synth like Vital, so I came up with the idea to also include a filter Type editor to Vital.

With it you should be able to draw any filter curves that one can think of.

My idea is to have it somewhat similar to the wavetable editor. Basically what you draw are the two extremes of the filter curve with 0% Resonance and 100% Resonance. Any value you dial then in on resonance inside the filter is a morphed value in between the two.

Your x-Axis on the editor should be in semitones, so you can orient yourself with for defining how steep the curve of the filter is supposed to be and to define how many semitones away from the cutoff point resonance are supposed to arise. On the X-Axis you should also be able to define where the cutoff begins. The Y-Axis would define the volume in db.


This one would be epic ^.^