Filter will randomly not work

filter will randomly not work

I use cakewalk and vital.
I tie filters and envelopes together and run them through automation to get the best sound.
Somewhere along the time, this strange bug occurred.
The filter moves completely to the left side and the filter stops working. it does not move from the left edge even if I control the cutoff.
This bug is fixed by restarting cakewalk, but it comes back after a while.
I was originally using 1.0.7, updated to 1.5.5 and this bug still occurs.

Has anyone else encountered this bug?
Is it caused by cakewalk and not vital?

It has moved to the far left and is stuck FILTER1

ENV2 is connected to the Cutoff of FILTER1

In this screenshot, playback has been stopped and the keys are not touched.

Yes, i have this bug too, its beyond just the filter, from my testing it appears to happen if you have immediate automation snaps rather than slow transitions. its not just the filter but the whole plugin that just goes ‘ah, welp, im not working anymore’.

It seems to be immediate automation transitions, and more common when stepping to a min/max automation value.

You can resolve it without a restart by forcing vital to restart its internal engine by changing the oversampling setting to a different one then back, this of course is only temporary until the automation breaks it again.