Filter keeps closing on its own

my filter keeps automatically going to -52 semitones (the lowest) whenever a not is played, it isnt connected to any automation or lfos and will do this even ifi reset to default values or set it to my own value please help im stuck with only one filter rn as the second filter does not do this

Right click on the parameter causing issues and select “Clear Midi Learn”

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Does this long known bug still exist in version 1.5.5 ? Older versions of Vital had a history of mysteriously assigning Midi control to parameters even though the user did not make those connections.

To the OP, always note what version of Vital you are using.

I had a similar issue with the modulation amount of LFO 2 randomly setting itself to -0.95.

I have come to the conclusion that this may have been caused by a midi cc being generated by my old Oxygen 49 keyboard. Apparently this can happen as the pots wear.

So@benjymonster12 do you have a midi controller connected when this happens. I suggest thet you could you try running Vital with no midi controller connected to see if it still happens.