Filter cutoff resets to 0 every time I press stop

I’ll keep it short.
No matter what I do, if there is a midi note, the filter cutoff of filter 1 goes to 0. (New project, no automation, no modulation, midi controller off also reinstalled, “read” of the track is off)
my DAW is Logic Pro X

Please help I’ve been trying to fix this for weeks. Asked in FB groups etc. Nothing is fixing it. It has something to do with the MIDI because if there is no midi it’s not doing it.

Right Click (or whatever the equivalent is on a Mac) on the slider handle for the Filter Cutoff and select “Clear Midi Assignment” (if it’s there).



Teksonik mate. I wanna buy you a drink or something. I’ve been trying to fix this for weeks if not months. And it was so simple and easy to fix. Thank you, Thank you, Thank you!!!

You are very welcome. Glad I could help. :+1:

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I am having this same problem but it occurs whenever I hit a key. No matter where the filter cutoff is, it resets to 0 when I hit a key. Like was suggested here, removing the midi assignment fixes it but I want it assigned to a knob/ fader. I’m so confused. Is this working as intended? Maybe I’m doing something wrong and there is a way? Someone please let me know if this is intended.

Yes, you can assign a parameter in vital to be controlled via a knob/slider on your controller - just right click on the parameter in vital and select learn midi assignment.

What seems to happen to some people is that parameters get assigned unintentionally. I’ve not seen this problem myself. But that’s what this post is about.

After messing with this a bit more, I’ve realized it doesn’t happen in standalone mode, only in my Daw which is Ableton Live. Anyone know of a setting in Ableton that would cause this to happen? Also it’s only happening on the knobs on my Keylab MKII, not the faders. When assigning filter cutoff to a fader, the cutoff stays where I last left it when hitting a note, but resets to zero when assigned to a knob

Ok I fixed it. Apparently I just had to change the CC number assigned to that knob and it is now functioning normally :slight_smile:

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