February 2021 Free Patch Sharing Thread

Throaty Screamer.vital (947.4 KB)

Nothing special, just a lead sound

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@SlavaCat has posted pops.vital (+ a demo)

An anti-gravity racing ship engine sound, inspired by my favorite game series called WipEout (futuristic racing game, not the obstacle course one)

I just watched this youtube tutorial and it’s great, but I wondered ‘How if I make this engine sound in Vital?’, because Vital is powerful right? So I followed the tutorial and I critically figured how certain things works, it costed hours to make and finally I made the preset!

Designing engine sounds for WipEout in MASSIVE | Native Instruments

Here is the preset I made, I only used Vital factory presets and wavetables just to get used to it. Don’t forget to wear your headphones! Hope you like it! :slight_smile:

FX Anti-Gravity Ship Engine.vital (3.2 MB)


A E S T H E T I C.vital (171.2 KB)
Pack 3 probably coming today :slight_smile:


Vital&Practical_Vol1_free_teaser_pack.vitalbank (466.9 KB)
Here’s a small 4 patches pack, a bass, a pad, a pianoid and an atmospheric drone.
In this video there’s some “showcasing” of those.

There’s more, including more free ones on my gumroad, enjoy :slight_smile:

@snfk has just released Another Preset Pack with (Free) 100 Presets


@andypettitt70 has posted a link to a free patch (alongside a tip video)

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some of my latest bass patches, don’t know how these sound without post processing though lol

dispersed pulse band.vital (2.6 MB)
Loltra 3.vital (1.7 MB)
reese.why.vital (361.4 KB)
uno yotusja.vital (1.4 MB)
linkin park.vital (363.2 KB)
linkin park 2.vital (363.1 KB)
band spread inharmonic.vital (2.3 MB)
band spread inharmonic 2.vital (2.3 MB)

Growl patch: Ridiculous Growly.vital (311.3 KB)
Demo(adjusting ridiculousness)

Percy on Mars.vital (1.5 MB)

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@Sampy has posted some patches with a tutorial video

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Mono Analogue Style Lead.vital (2.7 MB)

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synth_pitch_scream.vital (170.3 KB)

Machine_Says_WOW.vital (402.8 KB)

Thanks for taking the time to do this! Wonderful resource.


Clanger.vital (771.2 KB)

I hear this all the time.vital (1.1 MB)
Electric guitar lead using comb filter magic, also a reese-like bass on lower notes.

And from my end, pretty light on cpu


Mechanical grind lead.vital (1.7 MB)
Use mod-wheel to increase volume and grit of sustained (held) notes

Here’s a bell sound which accompanied my Video on Fast Way to Create a Bell Using the FM Function

See the video share thread for details of Part 1 and 2 of the video :slight_smile:

[FM Bell VitalExp.vital|attachment]my(upload://aRtZ77OIrXBN6MFYW577rSWLwJw.vital) (511.1 KB)

FM Squared.vital (353.3 KB)
Short lead sound.