Feature Request: MTS-ESP Support

The microtuning support in Vital is already quite amazing and well implemented.
That said, there’s a new standard that allows morphing between tunings and seems very promising for music making: ODDSound MTS-ESP

It claims that implementation isn’t too hard - there’s detail about how to add it to a synth in the “Client” section here: https://oddsound.com/devs.php
(also, Surge supports it so there’s a GPL implementation out there already)

I would love to see support for it in Vital at some point, although I know there are tons of other things on the list already.


i just was about to post the exact same topic! :slight_smile:

so definitely: yes, please please please

i just tried it (the freeware with Hive) and this thing is absolute genius!

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This would be cool! Would seem like a natural expansion of Vital’s scale file support. Already tried Vital with the MTS-ESP to MPE receiver and that works great too!