Feature Request: MTS-ESP Support

The microtuning support in Vital is already quite amazing and well implemented.
That said, there’s a new standard that allows morphing between tunings and seems very promising for music making: ODDSound MTS-ESP

It claims that implementation isn’t too hard - there’s detail about how to add it to a synth in the “Client” section here: https://oddsound.com/devs.php
(also, Surge supports it so there’s a GPL implementation out there already)

I would love to see support for it in Vital at some point, although I know there are tons of other things on the list already.


i just was about to post the exact same topic! :slight_smile:

so definitely: yes, please please please

i just tried it (the freeware with Hive) and this thing is absolute genius!


This would be cool! Would seem like a natural expansion of Vital’s scale file support. Already tried Vital with the MTS-ESP to MPE receiver and that works great too!


MPE can only retune to 14 bit accuracy, whereas MTS ESP can be as high as 64 bit FP accurate. It would be great to get Vital in tune easy and accurately.

Curious when you would need that resolution? Even at 14bit pitchbend and 48 semitones range you have 170 values between one semitone, which seems plenty given the fact that the theoretical unit to describe pitch in music is cent (1/100 of a semitone)…

It’s true 14 bit accuracy is fine in most situations but when you’ve got perfect intervals you might want very fine accuracy to reduce phasing/incorrect beating from the errors. Also, if you’re retuning via MPE, you can’t use an MPE controller to manipulate pitch any more. Plus there’s no configuration unlike the MPE method which needs a separate client plugin to address it.


I’d like to see this added as well!

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