Feature Request: Add new Patchfile-Format ".vitalz" which is a vital patch wrapped in a zip archive

I as a Vital User want to have small patch size in order to not waste space by “noise/waste/clutter”, I want to have small project sizes and thus faster loading and saving of projects and better exchange of smaller patches.

I propose to add “.vitalz” format which is actually the current patch format simply wrapped in a zip file.
Thus the patch format stays compatible and only the reader code in Vital has to decide weather to put a ZipStreamReader after the FileInputReader or not when reading a patch.
I think it yould be added to the 1.1 stream.

Expected Effect: Currently the whole patch format is JSON text which contains Wavetables and Samples a text encoded blobs. This is perfect for zip compression (or even more agressive algorithms). I would expect that the patch size is decreased considerably.

Other synth that does this: I think I have seen this afair in Waverazor or MSoundfactory.

If a user wants to inspect the JSON text file of the patch, then he could simple open it with 7zip.

Data / Facts:
I took one of my Mellotron Vital patches: 1.5 MB
Then I used LZMA2 (7zip) on it. Result is: 919 KB

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