Favourites on multiple computers

Hello, forgive me if I’m missing something totally obvious here but I’ve searched around and can’t find an answer. I use vital on my main machine and also on my laptop for writing patches when I’m not in my studio. Is there a way for these to sync up? I went through a lot of presents and favourited them, is there a way to make those faves appear on my other machine?

Thanks. Loving this synth

Nah I don’t think so. There is no online patch storage or similar. I would create a bank from all your favorite sounds on your laptop and reimport it on your desktop.

I kind of have the same workflow, laptop for on the road sounddesign and desktop sitting in the studio.

Yeah there’s no great way to sync favorites. There’s a favorites file but right now it’s storing the absolute file path instead of a relative path so probably won’t work if you copy that file over. That’s on my list to change though.

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I use symlinks to point to a vital folder on my dropbox and it works well

Ok thats cool, I think creating bank is a good way. Thanks all