Favourites copied but not shown

Hello !
I reinstalled windows, installed vital and copied all the old banks ( C:\Users\username\Documents\Vital ) and the favourites database aswell ( from C:users/username/ appdata/roaming/vital ).
I can see and use the preset banks but the favourites are missing.
Any suggestions to resolve this ?
Thanks !

Place your favourites alongside the other preset banks in your preferred folder (could be “user” or maybe you want a separate “favourites”. Just make sure they are also inside a “Presets” subfolder

In vital the favourites are compiled in just one file called vital.favourites and its type is FAVORITES File.
Favourites file is different than the rest of the presets which are Program Vital type of files.

I tried add them to a subfolder also copied them to the normal presets folder but it does not show.

Sorry, I misunderstood that you had your own favourites folder, instead of the vital marked ones, my mistake!
Not sure how to fix… I’ll see what I can test on mine

Hey, no worries. I’l just go through all of them once again and mark them .