Favorite folders in preset browser

Would love to favourite my User folder so that I don’t have to scroll down to it every time I need a preset I previously made. There’s quite a bit of folders in my browser already so this would save me a lot of time in the long run!

You can create a custom folder like “01 biomaskin” for your custom patches, wavetables and LFO’s and that will reside on top of the list if you don’t have a folder named 00 or folders with special characters at the beginning.

But the problem is even if that folder has focus any patch you save will go in to the User Folder. Then you have to manually move it into your custom folder. But at least then it will reside in the top folder in the list.

So I’d like to see patches saved into the folder that has focus. That way you could have more than one custom folder or if you edit a patch in a particular folder the edit will be saved in that folder.

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