Fast notes cause clicking when dist drive connected to LFO

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I thought this problem would be easy fixed… But when I connect an LFO to the distortion drive there is a high-pitched click if I play notes too fast. It happens with any simple waveform (e.g sin), despite slow attack envelope. The LFO envelope starts and ends at zero (no hidden jumps at the end). Is there a fix? Have I missed something?

New user, cant upload example. But to make/; set oscillator to basic sin (increase attack a bit). Turn on soft clip Distortion, connect LFO (to almost any amount). Should get clicks…

Any help greatly appreciated (messing with drive is the best part of my lazy sound design).

What is the shape of the lfo controlling the distortion

Could it maybe be the release of the note instead?
Try a higher release time if that has any effect.
Also do you have the multiband compressor active? That will also cause clicks depending on the attack and release

Hey thanks for the reply. Its pretty much and LFO (e.g the Initial triangle). The only way I can make it go away is if the envelope closes before the LFO cycle (but that makes it too quick). Changing the LFO rate and keeping the same shape constant in time doesnt really work…

Try the synth in mono, maybe it’s due to polyphony?

Is the distortion maybe bipolar? If so try unipolar?

Sorry I haven’t really been able to replicate your issue. I do get clicks when shortening atk and release, as well as adding polyphony (4-8) and the voices being cut. Tested playing 16th notes at 174 bpm

Could you describe your patch in more detail as well as the notes/midi information you are trying to play? Maybe I’m just missing something

Maybe use a bit of smoothing on the LFO, or as @LarryHotbottoms said, if the patch is mono, increase the polyphony to 2.

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It’s quite a loud click. Also happens if an enveolpe is used instead of the lfo.

Can you upload a patch by chance @pcr ?

Also what version of vital?

@HermanVonElsewhere did you give it a try a well? I’m struggling to replicate so I think I’m just missing something about how the patch is set up

Vital version 1.5.5, Windows 11.
This patch uses Env3 instead of Lfo.

clisk.vital (258.1 KB)

Tested, thanks @pcr!

It just seems to be a click as a result of the waveform cutting off or something like that, whether the env, lfo, or waveform not completing it’s cycle in combination with the distortion resetting, etc.
I’m able to do up to 32nd notes at 174 without any clicking. Any faster and the click starts to appear.

I’d simply suggest either turning on legato and extending the notes, in mono mode (poly count to 1) this resolved all clicks for me
Or you can build a sequencer style patch into vital (meaning using an lfo to control the pitch of the notes as a grid, in combination with a normal lfo in trigger mode controlling the volume of osc)

Hope this helps :slight_smile:

174bpm 32nds. That’s like 43ms for a note. Supersonic fingers!

@pcr I can hear a click even with slower notes. One possible cause could be that the distortion module affects all voices equally - it’s not calculated per voice. When you trigger another note while the previous is playing the drive amount jumps to zero modulation for all playing voices, producing a sudden change in the waveform that clicks. If this is what’s happening you’d need to try to get where you’re going by modulating voice filter drives and have them interplay with the distortion or invent something else that does what you want it to do.

Edit: I tried setting the filter 1 to dirty and modulating the drive with env3 to bit over the mid point of the knob that seemed to play well with the distortion when the drive there is set right to achieve a similar effect.

I think youre exactly right Herman

Atleast in my messing about, legato with overlapping notes helped reduce the clicking quite a bit, even at those higher speeds :stuck_out_tongue:

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