Failed to create the Audio Unit "Vital"

Hi, quick support thread here.

Just Bought Pro Version, was super excited for it, when dragging to MIDI track inside Ableton, receiving the following error:

Failed to create the Audio Unit “Vital”
This Audio Unit Plug-in could not be opened.

Plugin Type:

OSX 10.11.6

Ableton Live 9.7.7

Let me know solutions, thanks!

Bumping this, still not able to use synth :frowning:

vital homepage says:

“MacOS: 10.12 and higher”

Gah, you’re right! RTFM facepalm on my end…

How do you get ahold of support for refund? lol I don’t see an email or anything

doesn’t live support vsts? can you use the vst version? just curious (fwiw, the au works fine in logic…)

Yeah it’s my fault, OS is out of date and to upgrade would have to upgrade entire rig unfortunately, I don’t see a VST installer on Mac, is there something I’m overseeing?

doesn’t the installer automatically place the vst in the vst folder? check HD>Library>Audio>Plug-ins>VST; it’s in there on my mac (but, since i only use logic, i don’t need it).

Also ableton 9.7.7 I believe has a 32bit version so either way you need to update ableton and the OS… hth

yes of course the vst gets installed in the vst folder
you could try to use a wrapper like element or ddmf metaplugin to
use the vst version inside logic…

but anyway: you system is simply too old…

Yeah sorry only support 10.12 and later. If you email I can get you a refund.