Fade-In starts modulation at lowest value instead of center

When using a bipolar modulation, so for example a LFO modulating the pitch, the fade-in parameter starts the modulation at the lowest setting instead of at the center line.

This makes it useless for pitch modulation since all notes will be out of tune at the start of the fade-in.

you could try to go into the mod matrix and apply a “MOD REMAP”

for example select a triangle and adjust aka tune the endpoints accordingly
not perfect but from what i can see it works…

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Yeah I agree with @muki , when I can’t get the fade in right (which also fades in the modulation amount not just the timing IIRC?) I’ll just use the mod matrix to better control what I’m going after

Thanks for the tip! Never even noticed there was a mod remap function, I couldn’t get it to work properly tough. But I just tried assigning an envelope to the LFO modulation depth, and that seems to work.

A bit long of a workaround though.

the “mod remap” is kind of a hidden gem for anything special and special fine tuning
as we already have been stated and filled with examples in some other thread here
anyway, imho worth a look :slight_smile: