Fade-in on bi-polar LFO starts at the bottom instead of center

Hi! I’m not sure if this is a bug, or a feature, but considering the somewhat odd behavior (imo) I’m going to lean towards bug.

When creating sounds I like to use slow onset vibrato. The combination of an LFO and its Fade-in works great for that, or at least is should… For this effect the LFO needs to be bi-polar (so the center frequency stays on point) and I was happy to find out bi-polar was an option on the connection-icon. However (and this is what I think is the bug): it does not work as expected combined with fade-in. Instead of starting in the center and slowly expanding into both directions (bi-polarly), it starts at the bottom and slowly rises. This results in the (center) frequency rising, which is what using bi-polar is supposed to avoid.

So, I’m just using an envelope now instead of the fade-in, but the LFO fade-in would be perfect for the job if it didn’t work like it does now in bi-polar mode. Hope this can be fixed, or perhaps added as an option.

Kind Regards, Robin.

Hey there, would you be able to post a picture of the LFO by chance?
It seems like you might have to try a new LFO shape. But I maybe misunderstand.
The bipolar does go positive and negative around the destination value, however it will still be in the shape of the LFO.

For vibrato I use an offset triangle with delay/fade in

Edit: sorry on my phone obviously lol
Otherwise re-reading your post I think maybe bi-polar is not the functionality you hoped it would be.
Bi-polar will allow the LFO to do positive and negative values based on the destination so when in bipolar mode, your LFO at its middle horizontal height is your original destination value.
Not sure if this helps let me know I can try more picture doodles lol

I’ll try to do better and post an animated gif which show what happens. Look at the small bar next to the pitch of both oscillators. The top one is using LFO1 with fade-in, while the second one is using LFO2 and an envelope on the connector, producing the expected result:

fade in lfo vital

The first one starts at the bottom and then moves to the center. The second starts and remains in the center while slowly amplifying, which would be the expected result.

I’ve got a similar gif of Serum where it does work as expected using fade in (called rise there), except I am only allowed to post one image per post. Hopefully you’ll take my word for it, or I’ll just post it later.

Kind regards, Robin.

Thanks Robin, no that’s definitely odd.
Is Env 3 modulation the modulation amount of that LFO 1 to the pitch? The way it’s moving makes it look like it might be attached and it’s the combinated behaviour of the two (env 3 + LFO 1) making it do the weird thing.
Or is that what you’ve done to LFO 2 to make it behave in the way you want?

Anything different about the matrix mod for the assignment maybe too?
Just ideas! Hope it helps

Edit: tested, yeah that’s just what it does for me too. Either fade in isn’t what I also thought it was or its a bug lol
Easy workaround though I’ll also just continue to use an env to do that :slight_smile: