Externally controlled parameter not writing automation in Cubase 12

I don’t really know if this is a Cubase or Vital issue. Here’s the problem:

If I assign an external MIDI controller to a Macro (that’s controlling a filter’s cutoff and resonance, for instance), the Macro control pot responds to the external controller, but will not write automation when Vital’s Cubase-supplied write button is activated…but it will write automation data if I use the mouse cursor to move the Macro pot

In both cases, when Vital is in Cubase’s Write mode, the Macro’s control pot displays movement either from externally assigned MIDI control or by mouse control in the GUI, but only creates automation data in Cubase from mouse movement, not the external controller movement.

Is this a Vital or Cubase issue? This is with Cubase 12.0.40 (in Rosetta mode) and the VST3 v1.5.3 version of Vital on a MacbookPro MI under OS 12.6