Experiments in Vital with Musescore as a DAW (sort of)

Coming from a generation who experimented, arranged, and wrote music by ear and on paper, I have played around with various staff and guitar tablature software before investing in MuseScore (FOSS) and Guitar Pro 8 (proprietary software), as my two go-to software tools.

MuseScore 4 seriously elevated their game with extensive VST support and control. MIDI instrument I/O was good, and now I’ve been experimenting with Anthem v5 (proprietary software) which can accurately transcript guitar and keyboard to MIDI and staff notation.

Here are a few clips from an ongoing experiment in MuseScore that may turn into a real song eventually. I’ve exclusively used my acoustic, electric, MIDI controlled guitars and virtual instruments created with Vital presets.

The sort of Kalimba and Steel Drum sounds you hear are based on the superb sound design of @ericjbowman. If you haven’t already, check out his tutorials and preset libraries, which are great food for inspiration.

I started on guitar with this.

Then added a vanilla bass line.

There were several months of trial and error, before arriving at the following point where I’ve added various odd synth percussion, plus both finger plucked acoustic bass and bass synth added. It may not sound like it, but that actual meter is the same as earlier recordings, with the increased tempo a sort of illusion.

To be frank, it feels I still have a long way to go with this piece, not the least because other songs ideas I’m compelled to follow, often flash across my mind.


Peer Gynt • Death of Åse, Edvard Grieg adapted for Electric Guitars & Synth by Mz. Aliéna Voz (aka Muirén) All parts distorted, feedback guitar and wavetable synthesizers.
1964 Strat reproduction, Fishman single-width pickups, customized Wudtone Holy Grail Tremolo with Graphtech GHOST pickup saddles connected to modified Fishman TriplePlay electronics.
Original transcription by Dario Gadosa
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Thanks for sharing, nice work, nice to see Vital used as an instrument in a bigger music piece.

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Thank you, but it’s lonely.

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