Executing Vital Standalone in MX Linux (Debian)

N00b question.
I’m not a regular Linux desktop user beyond specialized development tasks. I’ve committed to broadening my general use and completely reformatted my laptop to MX Linux, which, like Ubuntu, is a based on Debian.

Had no problem installing, but worked on something else and didn’t pay attention to where the package landed. While I was focused elsewhere, a more Linux experienced friend executed the standalone Vital without issue and told me it seemed to be working OK, before leaving.

The VST and VST3 locations were easy to find, but the standalone executable doesn’t have a clearly named directory like the other music applications I installed, and it also doesn’t appear listed in the MX Applications Menu.

Where is Vital standalone located, what is the command to execute it from the terminal, and how do I explicitly include it in the apps menu and or create an executable icon?


in the zip there should be a file simply named ‘vital’ and that is the standalone. i don’t use any installers for vital, i just open the zip file and extract what i want to where they need to be. such as home/.vst3 and home/opt where i put my standalone, installer-free applications.

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